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Castlefields Golf Club

Founded 1903

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Committee Minutes
2018 AGM - Now confirmed
on Wednesday 28th February 2018 at 8.00 pm

We are also hoping to have a brief defibrillator training session after the meeting if time permits!

The club has a fully licensed bar.


1.         Apologies for absence

2.         President’s Remarks

3.         Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2017

4.         Secretary’s Report

5.         Financial Statement

6.         Auditor’s Report

7.         Captain’s Report

8.         Union Representative’s Report

9.         Greens’ Report

10.      The Committee propose that the following rules to be amended:-

Rule 4 :The annual subscription for each category of membership and the entrance fee shall be fixed at each Annual General Meeting but the Committee will have the power to vary both the subscriptions and the entrance fee at their discretion in order to attract new members. The amendments and/or changes will not be above those of the fixed subscriptions and entrance fee. Proposals being given the same notice as provided under rule 13.

Under Rule 4, the Committee proposes that the subscriptions for 2018/19 will be:-

Full Members



Midweek Members



Concessionary Members



Higher Intermediate Members



Intermediate Members



Junior Members



Child Members



Non Playing Members






Entrance Fee (Full)


Withdrawn at present

Entrance Fee (Midweek)


A facility will be made available for Full Members to pay by Standing Order, with the first payment of £46 by 1st April and followed by 10 monthly payments of £23. Otherwise members will need to make a single payment by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Green Fees will be : Midweek - £6 Adults, £3 Juniors. Weekend - £10 Adults, £5 Juniors.

Locker Rental will be £10 / £15


COMPETITIONS The Committee proposes that where handicap limits apply, we will change the limits so that they are the same for all members, regardless of age and gender.

For the Barron Memorial Trophy, Captain’s Cup, Centenary Rosebowl, Thompson Salver, Fourball Cup, President’s Cup - Handicap limit 24

The limit for the Tiger Trophy will be unchanged, i.e. Handicap limit 15

COMPETITION RULES AND CONDITIONS OF ENTRY The Committee proposes that Rules 2, 3, 4 & 5 are completely rewritten as follows :-

2.    When playing in any major competition, except the Lewis Broadley Shield and Philip Bentley Trophy, members who have a “non-competition handicap” according to CONGU rules, will be limited to three quarters of their handicap. Members will have a “competition handicap” - marked with a `c` on the handicap list - if they have been issued with a new CONGU handicap in the current calendar year, or have played in 3 qualifying competitions in the current calendar year, or have played in 3 qualifying competitions in the previous calendar year.

3.    A new member with a “competition handicap” according to CONGU rules, will simply transfer their current handicap to Castlefields. The Handicap Secretary will use their discretion for a new member with a “non-competition handicap”, depending on the date of their last qualifying round. Either transferring their current handicap or requiring them to submit three cards as below.

4.    Otherwise, to obtain a CONGU handicap a new member, (male, lady or junior), must submit three cards signed by the player in the usual manner and by a player with an official club handicap. They should then be fastened together, marked ‘For Handicap Only’ and placed in the competition box. The Handicap Secretary will then use recognised procedures to award a CONGU handicap to a maximum of 54.

5.    In order to maintain equity of handicapping and prize results, CONGU Appendix O adjustments will be made to scores in all mixed competitions. This reflects the difference in standard scratch scores for boys & gentlemen (50) and girls & ladies (54). This adjustment will be applied after any handicap limit.

11.      Election of Officers:-

a)           President

b)           Secretary

c)           Treasurer

d)           Captain

e)           Vice Captain

f)            Auditor

g)           Ladies Representative

h)          Union Representative

i)            Committee Members

12.      General Discussion

Notes :

No members proposed amendments to the changes proposed by the commitee.

Although the Committee is still planning for staged rises in greenkeeping costs, it is more important that we attract significant numbers of new members, so we are only proposing a modest increase in subscriptions this year.
Also, although there is now the flexibility to vary the concessionary membership rate, we propose it stays at 50% of the full member’s rate for 2018/19.
The Committee has also reviewed the definitions of COMPETITIONS and the COMPETITION RULES AND CONDITIONS OF ENTRY, to take into account the changes in CONGU handicapping and to clarify a couple of queries that were raised in 2017.

David Bartliff
Honorary Secretary
3rd February 2018